Welcome to AlbumClock.com.  Please visit my store by clicking the “Clocks for Sale” button above.  Click on “Contact Me” to ask questions or suggest a design to be made.  Please view “Design Suggestions” to see what other people have suggested I make.  If you want one of these items made, please contact me and I will design it and create it for you.

Q: May I pick my own record?
A: Yes. My selection is rather small so chances are high that I do not have the specific artist you want.  You may mail me a record of your own or purchase one from another online site and have it sent to me from sites like: ebay.com, amazon.com, and discogs.com. Please send me a message to get my mailing address so you can ship me a record.

Q: Can you make a honey badger for me?
A: Yes, I can do custom clocks at no extra cost. Message me for your special request.